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NKI109 «Martin»

Diesel motor boat with wooden hull

Builder: Shipbuilding Company "LAGOON ROYAL"



1.1. General data

1.1.1. Yacht project NKI109 Martin intended for productive leisure and tourism.

1.1.2. Navigation area design category C (inshore) (ISO) of boats considered suitable for seas up to 2 m significant wave height and a typical steady wind force of Beaufort Force 6 or less.

1.1.3. Architectural-constructive type diesel motor boat with wooden hull.

1.2. General data

1.2.1. Principal dimensions

Length overall, m 8.91

Length WL, m 7.4

Breadth max., m 2.5

Depth, m 1.43

Draft, m 0.39

1.2.2. Displacement

Displacement of yacht in sea water (density 1.025 t/m3), is about 2.1 t.

1.2.3. Capacity

Capacity of stores, net:
Diesel oil, m3 0,2
Fresh water, m3 0,132

1.2.4. Speed

Speed during sea trials with standard displacement, in depth water, without wind and heavy sea, with clear freshly painted hull and water temperature +15 C, with main engine power 228 kW is about 37 knots.

1.2.5. Stability

Stability of yacht in all load conditions meets the requirements of ISO standards.

1.3. General arrangement.

General arrangement of yacht executed according drawing NKI109-020-014.

2. HULL.

2.1. General data.

Construction, materials and strength of hull correspond the destination and exploitation conditions of yacht.

As a material of the main hull used finewood (oak, khaya, sapeli, mahogany).

2.2. Main hull

Framing system transversal.

Spacing along the whole length of the yacht 400mm.

Hull structure see drawing NKI109-021-002.

2.3. Hull protection and coloration.

For hull protection foreseen paint coat on outer and inner surfaces of hull and anodes.

Main color of yacht by the Customer request.


3.1. Anchoring equipment

3.1.1. Anchoring equipment consists of:
- anchor of increased holding power LEWMAR.
- electrical windlass LEWMAR

- required quantity of chain, LEWMAR

Wooden chain locker equipped with self drainage system.

3.2. Mooring equipment.

For mooring operation on yacht foreseen the necessary quantity of ropes, cleats and knight.

3.3. Life-saving equipment

Yacht is equipped with necessary quantity of life jackets.

3.4. Guard railing.

In necessary places on yacht foreseen guard railing, which consists of wooden handrail.

3.5. Glazing.

Yacht is equipped with glazing.

3.6. Awning equipment.

Yacht is equipped with awning equipment, type cabriolet.


4.1. Hatches.

Yacht is equipped with:
- deck hatch Lewmar;
- companion hatch special structure


Preparation of surfaces for painting executed by technology of Supplier, adjusted by Customer.

Painting schemes should be confirmed by the Customer and paint Supplier. Painting executed by high quality paint and lacquers.


6.1. Power installation.

6.1.1.Power installation consists of diesel engine VOLVO PENTA, D6-310 and hung angle rotary-collapsible core sample DPH.

6.1.2.Power installation main characteristics.

Power (on full speed) provided by engine on shaft 228 kilowatt (310 h.p.) with frequency of engine crankshaft 3500 r/min. Fuel consumption on maximum power 65 l/h.

On yacht foreseen engine room in aft part of the boat, in which located engine with necessary systems.

6.1.4.Air inlet and gas outlet.

Air to engine come from engine room.

Gas outlet from engine executed from rubber gas outlet hose through angle core sample and next through propeller boss to water.

6.2. Power installation systems

6.2.1. Yacht is equipped with all necessary systems, which provide functioning of power installation. Necessary equipment located in engine room.

Fuel tanks is inlet and set out of ER. . Infill of fuel tanks provided through fuel receiver, which located by sides. Fuel tank ventilation executed by vent head. Fuel feed from fuel tank to the engine provided by copper pipelines through secondary filter. Fuel return provided by copper pipelines too.

Cooling system of engine double circuit. Primming of fresh and outboard water provided by hung on engine pump. Outboard water from cooling system of engine goes in gas exhaust system, where it cool off exhaust gases ejected with them outboard.

Engine room ventilation provides keeping allowable gas constitution and air temperature no more than 318 K.

6.2.2. Power installation control.

Engine and angle core sample remote control provided from control panel located in cockpit.

6.3.Hull systems

6.3.1. Drainage system.

For compartments drainage foreseen:

- three electrical pumps-SBP75 (max. output 75 l/min, power supply 12V) with float switches and control boards;

- one hand diaphragm pump (max. output 0.9 liter during one move).
Dipping electrical pumps mounted in hold - in engine-room, fuel tank compartement and cabin. Hand pump mounted in cockpit.

Outlet of bilge water by submersible electric pump foreseen by hoses outboard in stern. Outlet of bilge water by hand pump foreseen by hoses from ER and from cabin throw outboard or in handheld tank.

6.3.2 Anchor (deck) washing system.

Electrical pump FDC2700 mounted in cabin for deck washing (max. output 46 l/min., power supply 12V), with set for deck washing.

6.3.3.Fresh water and sewage system.

Fresh water system provides supply of cold and hot fresh water for sink tap from fresh water tanks using hydrophore. Sewage system provides supply with outboard water from sink.

Yacht is equipped with:
- removable fresh water tanks 60 l each;

- hydrophore WPS 300 (productivity 5 l/min., pressure 1.5 bar, power supply 12V, pneumatic tank with tankage 1.4 l.);

- fresh water filter

6.3.4 Ventilating system

Depending on type, yacht compartments ventilated by natural or combined ventilation.

Cabin ventilation provided by opening-closing ventilation hatch lid.

fuel tank compartement ventilation provided by natural ventilation with help ventilation grate.

Engine-room ventilation in motion provided by ventilating shafts. For ventilation of engine-room with main-engine out-of-operation foreseen extraction intrinsically safe electrical ventilator type TWINLINE (productivity 4 m3/h, power supply 12V).

6.3.5.Fire-fighting system

For ER protection from fire provided by automatic fire extinguisher with two spray. Fire extinguisher operate automatically, if temperature is above 70º , and has remote control.

For protection from fire the rest compartment provided by one dry powder extinguisher -2.


7.1. General information

7.1.1.Principal current continuous, voltage 12V.

7.1.2.Electricity distributed by following way:

- 12 V by monophase double-wired insulated system.

7.2. Main power-supply source

7.2.1.Main power-supply source - storage batteries with voltage 12V and capacity 165 A/h each, 2 items, provided by Centra.

Storage batteries constitute two battery groups with voltage 12V and capacity 165 A/h. First and second storage battery groups destined for direct-current consumer power supply with voltage 12V.

For starting main engine used 2 storage batteries with voltage 12V, capacity 90Ah each.

On commutation panel provided possibility for commutation two storage battery groups and use starter storage battery during emergency situation.

Storage batteries mounted in single room with natural ventilation.

7.2.2. DC generator 28A, 75A regular ME.

As a storage batteries arrangement applied buffer circuit and consumer power supply

7.3. Electrical power distribution

7.3.1.Electrical power distribution used:

- feeder panel
On feeder panel fulfil switching all consumer on.
For switching power consumer on, such as windlass, main engine starter foreseen commutation panel.

7.3.2.Yacht is equipped with enlarger converter 12V/24V, 10A for receiving voltage 24V.


7.4.1.For power supply of consumes foreseen cable with copper thread, approved type.

7.4.2.Cabining and cable hearer provided by bridge network, cable situated in pipe when possible mechanical damage places.

7.4.3.Cable passage through waterproof partition fulfil through cable glands

7.5.Electric drives and domestic consumers

On cutter foreseen DC electric drives.

7.5.1. Windlass electric drives with power P=1000W and voltage 12V
Windlass control fulfil from control panel and control button near windlass.

7.5.2. Drainage pump electric drive supply with level sensor with power P=32W and voltage 12V, 4items.

7.5.3. Hydrophore pump electric drive with power P=12W and voltage 12V.
7.5.4. Washing anchor pump electric drive with power P=240W and voltage 12V.
7.5.5. ER electric ventilator and fuel compartment with electric engine U=12V, P=38W 3 items.
7.5.6 Transom plate hydraulic pump electric drive U=12V, P=100W 1 item.
7.5.7. Windscreen wiper electric drive P=30W, voltage 12V
7.5.8. Hydraulic lid electric drive for closing ER P=120W voltage 12V

7.6. Electric lighting

7.6.1.On cutter foreseen lighting with voltage 12V.
Quarters illumination and open part is provided by lamps with corresponding protective execution depending on seating.

7.6.2. In rest rooms foreseen lamps with bulb.

Indoor lighting consists of lamps with bulb.

8. Communication, navigation and signaling facilities

8.1.External constraint facilities
8.1.1.fixed VHF radio station Ray 215E with power 25W, DC 12V 1 item

8.1.2.VHF radio station two-sided radiotelephone with primary source 1 item

8.2.1.Fresh water and fuel tanks indicators mount on control panel. Indicators feeding from voltage 12V.

8.2.2.In ER mount two gas alarms, which react to petrol vapour and switch ventilators automatically on.

In fuel compartment mount one gas alarm, which control one ventilator.

8.3. Electric navigational aids
8.3.1.log ST-60. Feeding log from DC net 12V.

8.3.2.sounder ST-60 Feeding sounder from DC net 12V.

8.3.3.magnetic compass OFFSHORE 105 provided by Plastimo with highlight voltage 12V

8.4.conning equipment

8.4.1.cutter control fulfil from control panel.

On control panel installed:
- steering control equipment with steering wheel;
- main engine operation factors control equipment;
- indication and signaling state ME equipment;
- navigational aids equipment;
- windlass control panel;
- outdoor and navigation light, fog horn, searchlight switch panel;
- VHF radio station;
- transom plate control equipment;
- ER hatch lid control panel;
- fire fighting system control.

8.5. Signal lights
On yacht installed set of signal-side lights according the requirements, which provide safety of sailing:

- masthead light - 1 item;

- stern light - 1 item;

- side light red - 1 item;

- side light green - 1 item;

- anchor light - 1 item;

8.6. Sound warning facilities
8.6.1.As sound warning on yacht foreseen horn produced by Italian firm Marco. Horn feeding from DC net 12V. Control horn provided from control panel.

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