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Ukraine, 54015, office 816,813
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Projects total: 60

Rambler's Top100
Alexander Kuznetsov
Lew Zaburdaev
Anatoly Kuznetsov
Olga Kramer
Architecture, onboard equipment, basic designing
Taras Kot
Deputy director
Alexander Chernozub
Electrical equipment
Natalia Panchenko
Electrical equipment
Oleg Rudyakov
Power installation and hull systems
Oleg Rudyakov Jr
Power installation and hull systems
Olga Nagaichenko
Furniture production, equipment
Ivan Kuznetsov
Onboard equipment
Alexander Onufriev
Darya Radionova
Deck equipment
Andrew Voronov
General design
Lyudmila Teslenko

Дизайн-группа "АЛА"

Design-group «ALA» was founded in 1987. Our origin lay in well known student shipbuilding design office «Yacht». Founders of Design-group are:

Regular labour force:

In work we engage key specialists from National University of shipbuilding, enterprises and construction departments of the city. Design-group specialised on developement of projects of sail yachts, motor-sail yachts, cutters and small tonnage ships. We've got a great experience in reequipment of ships, in work with guard and police cutters, fishing vessels. By the Customer request we provide building accompaniment.

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